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 Dear Students and Families,


I’m so excited to work with you/your child/children this year. I hope you find your private music lessons, recitals and more, to be rewarding and fun. I’m committed to doing the very best job that I can do for you/your child. I take my work very seriously and hope you will do the same with regards to their practice schedule and dedication to music.                               


Please refer to these policies when you have questions during the year.


The following Includes:

  • Policies

  • Medical Release

  • Photograph Release

  • Recommendations

  • Google Forms for online agreements to all points in this document.


I encourage you to log into “my music staff” on a regular basis to view calendar, weekly lesson schedules, practice logs, lesson notes, online resources, etc.


Please contact me with any questions or concerns you have. * 619-402-5073





Playing the Flute
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Virtual & In Person Lessons

Rate of SUCCESS is HIGH When Parents Support Students' Practice Schedule and Follow Guidelines

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Students Level 2 - 4 MUST have a well maintained Flute *  Levels 5 and Above,  MUST have a well maintained Open Hole Flute


Standard Flute Lessons Tuition Fees

Payment due by the 8th of each month, $25 late fee applied to payments after the 8th

30 min             $50 (only for students under 10 years old)

45 min             $70

60 min             $90

75 min             $115

Royal Conservatory of Music Flute Lessons

Payment due by the 8th of each month, $25 late fee applied to payments after the 8th

45 min             $75 RCM Levels Prep A- Level 1

60 min             $95 RCM Levels 2-4 (Beg)                                                    

                                JUNE-JUNE ONLY (One Full Year or 44 weeks minimum  must be adhered to)                 

                        $100 RCM Levels 5-7 (Int)

                                36 hrs. lessons per level & 140 hrs. practice min.              

                                ADDITIONAL: Theory-18 hrs. instruction per level & 36 hrs. HW

                        $105 RCM Levels 8  (Int)                                                                                  

                                36 hrs. lessons per level & 140 hrs. practice min.               

                                ADDITIONAL: Theory- 24 hrs. instruction per level & 45 hrs. HW

                        $110 RCM Levels 9-10 (Adv.)                       

                                36 hrs.lessons per level & 200 hrs. practice min. 

                                ADDITIONAL: Theory- 30 hrs. instruction per level & 54 hrs. HW


75 min              $120 RCM Level 4                  

                               One School Year or 33 weeks minimum must be adhered to           

                         $125 RCM Levels 5-7 (Int)                                   

                               (see requirements above for levels 5-10.)     

                         $130 RCM Level 8 (Int)           

75 min. lessons can also apply to the One Full Year Schedule:

                         $135 RCM Levels 9-10 (Adv.)  

                                60 mins. Flute + 15 mins.Theory = 9/18 hrs. req’d for theory -to start



I understand that each individual is responsible for his or her own insurance coverage while studying privately with “Dr. B’s Flute Studio”. I hereby release Dr. B’s Flute Studio and Julia Barnett from any legal or financial responsibility with respect to my personal or my child’s participation in or contact with any known element with the activity. I am aware that once I drop my child off, that I am fully responsible for the health and safety of my child until they enter, while they are at Dr. B’s Flute Studio studying privately, while riding in their vehicle, or any other contact in any form, and until their departure from Dr. B’s Flute Studio or other facility associated with Dr. B’s Flute Studio.    




I am aware that pictures/video/digital media of myself, my child/children, or family members and friends may be taken by Dr. B’s Flute Studio. These pictures may be used for promotional purposes including but not limited to: marketing, advertising, website and social media. Photos will not be used for resale. 


and agreement to all points in this document are in a Google Form at the bottom of this page. These are to be filled out online. Once completed, click SUBMIT to send.

(2 students, 2 email addresses needed to submit both)              



(to cover lesson photocopies, scheduling, professional fees, yearly inventory/office cleaning, liability insurance, and any other work or fees incurred outside of regular lesson time)

General Expectations

    • Instruments must be maintained annually or sooner as needed. I will provide recommendations for repair personnel to use.

    • Pencil, appropriate sheet music, metronome/tuner, and practice notebook must be brought to every lesson. 

    • In my studio the expectation is to practice at least five days a week.

    • If you or any member of your household is sick, please let me know and we can switch to an online lesson for that week.


Lesson Cancellations and Make-ups

    • For any cancellations or no shows within 24­ hours of the scheduled lesson time, the lesson is forfeited and will not be refunded.

    • If for any reason I need to cancel a lesson, either a make­up lesson will be scheduled or you will be credited the cost of that lesson.

    • I am an active performer and travel to give workshops and concerts, if your lesson falls on a day that I am out of town, we will have those lessons via Discord or FaceTime, or find an alternate time to make up that lesson when I am in town (in addition to your normal weekly lesson slot).

      • Lessons will be made ­up or you will be credited the cost if more than 24­ hours notice is given. 

    • Student tardiness is deducted from lesson length.

      • “Babysitting” Rate is the same as lesson rate and applied after 5 minutes or more from pick-up time.

      • Please reschedule or opt for a virtual lesson if you are contagious or ill. 

      • Make-Up lessons expire 30 days after date of missed lesson. Maximum- ONE per month, for weekly students.

      • If you pause for the summer and want to come back in the fall, you will be considered a “new student” and placed for lessons only after “existing students”are placed.



    • Recitals are usually $65 per participant and due prior to performance - no refunds. 

      • Recital participation is mandatory TWICE a year for RCM/Youth Symphony students.

      • Recital participation is also mandatory ONCE a year for Standard students. 

      • This “public speaking” opportunity will help prepare them for any career! Fees collected are to help support the event and especially the professional performances/mini concerts, formal programs, and reception that occur at the end of each recital. Thank you in advance!

    • Piano Accompanists charge $55-$85 per hour rehearsals and per performance, depending upon your level. Student accompanists are sometimes available for beginning levels, and charge less. My rehearsal coaching fees are the same as lesson fees.


Lesson Termination

    • Termination of Lessons require 30 day notice, no refunds will be given.  

    • RCM Students who are regularly ill prepared and/or continually do not practice, will be given a warning & potentially dropped, or training period will be lengthened.

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